I’m an educator by trade.  An engaged educator who aligns with those who believe that activism is an important component of the teaching profession.  Yes, I am one of those educators who sees the line between politics and life, teaching and civic commitment collapsing into each other. Therefore, I see my self as an activist.  I frequently join those in our community who are committed to the voices of those who are usually left out of the official narratives of power.

As an educator, I practice a pedagogy that centers on the ideas of freedom, justice, and democracy. I have been teaching for the last fifteen years for various community colleges at LACCD.

I attended California State University Northridge for both my Bachelor Degree in Business and my Master of Arts in Political Philosophy & Theory. After graduate school, I spent a year in a fellowship with the very prestigious Coro Foundation-a nationally renowned institution that focuses on leadership development in public affairs. As a Coro Fellow here in Los Angeles, I studied communities and I interacted with leaders from non-profit, business, and government organizations.

After completion of the fellowship, I spent three years for SEIU-Local 1877 as an internal organizer in the City of Los Angeles. I was attracted to this organization for its rich history of fighting for social justice and its successful campaign of “Justice for Janitors” in the late 1990s. The theories I learned in graduate school and my hands-on experience in the Coro fellowship gave me deep insights into the challenges of participatory democracy and how different factions fit into the political, social, and economic fabric of this community.
Furthermore, I have been involved not only with civic organizations in many communities throughout the City of Los Angeles but also with many local elections. My civic involvements include having served as Vice-Chair for the first Silver Lake Neighborhood Council in 2003. I was also one of the fifty-five delegates for the Electoral College in California, who represented Californians in the 2004 presidential election. Currently, I am a delegate representing my Faculty Guild at the County Federation of Labor here in LA County.
Chamba Sanchez
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