Year One, We Survived Trump !

Most of us still remember Trump’s grand escalator entrance at his Trump Towers lobby in New York when he first announced that he was running for the highest office in this land.  Latinos vividly remember that day, here are some of his remarks: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”  The backlash was swift not only from Latino organizations but also from many progressive corners in this country.  People also laughed at him and everyone thought that before this man would become their commander in chief, hell would have to freeze over.

It has been a year since people around the world and people in this country were stunned by the election of Donald Trump as President of this nation. Editorial boards of many major newspapers have been gearing for this day. They will evaluate the President’s policy failures, economic successes and his impact on the international stage. Others will solely focus on how his behavior has altered our institutions of democracy.

That night of Nov. 8th of 2016 will always be remembered by many Americans like one of those days when a major event took place.  It has been likened like the day when President  Kennedy was assassinated or when this country was attacked on September 11, 2001. As a candidate, Trump broke all the rules of America’s political landscape and as President, he never pivoted. He doesn’t care about the philosophical underpinnings this Republic was founded on.  And, he operates in a different dimension that generates a different “truth,” one that might be in conflict with the collective truth.  And, he disturbingly talks about conspiracies theories that lead many to believe that he might actually believe in them.
Evaluating President Trump’s first year in office, one might look at two phases that people in this country have gone through.  First, people were in shocked and in a state of denial.  Immediately, many hit the streets and started marching with signs that read, “This man is not my president.” Phase two, many Americans who voted against Trump finally came to grips with reality and reluctantly realized, that in light of all allegations, the man had been democratically elected.  And they were willing to give this man some room or at the very least recognize the legitimacy of his election.  And, they did that while screaming at top of their lungs that they would not recognize the legitimacy of his policies if said policies would attack minorities.

Pundits and other experts who engage in political analysis agree that Trump’s success in winning the presidency was his ability to animate the uneducated white working class who saw the political and economic system being rigged.  They also rejected multiculturism and saw the new economic order as a threat to their own beings.  They were the ones who totally disliked the political elites who control the major political parties.

Many thought that this country was not going to survive this man’s “cruelness” and “grotesque” lack of civility. At every opportunity given either as a candidate or as this country’s President, he disrupted party orthodoxy and norms of presidential behavior.  Yes, there are people still scratching their head as to how a man who frequently displays misguided exceptionalism, greed for power, inability to show compassion, and constantly defiling the founding spirit of this country could have gotten elected.

This last year, America’s society has been further polarized.  This polarization has not only been among Republicans against Democrats or Bernie’s supporters against corporate Democrats.   But we also had ugly and bloody confrontations between the so-called “alt-right fascists” and  antics leftists that are also known as “Antifa.”  It is not clear if all these divisions could be attributed to President Trump.  But, he certainly has done or said things that have enhanced these divisions.
But how did the Democrats lose the presidential election in 2016? This is a debate still raging in many progressive circles. Although it is widely known that leaders in the Democratic Party have been operating under the illusion that this party’s problem was not about policies but rather about a message. This stupidity was on full display during the summer when congressional leaders called for a press conference and told the media that they finally came up with a strong message to start winning elections again. They called “A Better Deal.”This encapsulated the very reason why Democrats have been losing working-class voters and other progressives who see Democrats being in bed with the masters of the universe from Wall Street.

As historians point out all the dark chapters in this country’s history, one should feel optimistic that this country will soon correct itself.  These historians cite daunting challenges such as slavery and President Nixon in the 1970s. The Republic survived these challenges. However, this might not fall from the sky.  People in this country should endeavor to find opportunities in these trying times.  Indeed, they should somehow see this man’s election as a moment of clarity and engage more in their communities and demand better leadership.  Nonetheless, if people just bitch about Trump all the time and utterly neglect local elections then they deserve this man as their president.  It was reported here in Los Angeles that the election for the  Assembly District 51 only one out of ten voters actually cast a vote. This was a disgrace.  This political maxim fits just right here, “we deserve the government we have.”

It is difficult to predict what the future holds in politics.  But, it appears that President Trump might be facing legal challenges as some of his close advisors and campaign managers were recently indicted by the special counsel and former FBI director, Robert Muller.  As this piece was being posted, there was breaking news that Democrats had won both governor races in Virginia and New Jersey.  it is not clear how much effort came from Democrats in winning these two races, at the very least they should get credit for the victories in Virginia.  Voters in New Jersey had wanted to get rid of beleaguered Governor Chris Christie for a very long time. These Democratic victories have been the first ones since Trump was inaugurated and they might boost the Democrats’ spirit or enthusiasm in the next year midterm elections.

Thank you for reading.

Chamba Sanchez


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  1. Addley Walker November 8, 2017 at 11:21 pm

    A man out in the desert, drained of fluids, crawling on his hands and knees on the burning sand, has so far survived the situation. Just look at him! He’s still wiggling along there. In this way, yes, we have survived Trump for a year. The left is still in tatters, though there is good good work being done in trying to repair it, to form some sort of cohesive vision, but it’s an uphill battle. All work on the Left is an uphill battle, because it always must contest with, on every level, the entrenched power. Look already how it erodes us into believe we are in any sense “okay” as a country, just because we are not actually physically on fire at the moment of contemplation.

    All Democrats are Corporate Democrats, whether they want to cop to it or not, because the “Democratic” party functions within the corporate machine of the modern political landscape. We, all of us, to some degree or another function in this way as well – and everyone who thinks they function outside of ideology, outside of systemic bias, merely become the purest form of ideology, those who have “seen the truth”. This is the danger of Neoliberalism, which believes itself to be beyond scrutiny, and at the end of history. Colonialism not only colonizes the land, but it colonizes your mind.
    But don’t worry, those who have True Merit will save us, they will rise to the top… oh wait whoops, that’s right, Trump.

    People have lost faith in politicians, because politicians have lost faith in politics. As everyone always says, it’s about money, keeping a reputation, not rocking the boat. is it any surprise someone who aesthetically opposes this gets attention? Trump is proof the office is nonsense, the party system is bunk. I don’t blame anyone who doesn’t vote, who just tries to move on with their lives, tending to themselves or their families… what other options are they being offered? The problem is that in doing so, you surrender yourself to the weasels who want nothing more than to rip your flesh. You keep your head down, you work hard, and your boss will find new ways to exploit you. Pay you less, mess with your hours, keep you off balance, whatever will save the higher ups a dollar or two at the expense of your well being.

    In this way, I think this sense of Pride that keeps getting called on, the recognition of authority of office, tut-tutting at non-voters, American exceptionalism, and other such forms of elitism is a dead end. Can we not do better than this, something else to excite people’s political imagination? The things we do, we say no, it’s violent, and bad. People point to MLK, but wasn’t it he who said “Riots is the language of the unheard”?. Then we ignore the organizing work Antifa do outside of protest. The liberals malign this struggle, so they can stay armchair philosophizing, observing on the outside, satisfied of its role as Wise Parent.

    Remember, punching Nazis is good!

    1. Chamba November 8, 2017 at 11:48 pm

      This is a well-thought-out response, Mr. Walker. You argue above that “All Democrats are Corporate Democrats, whether they want to cop to it or not, because the “Democratic” party functions within the corporate machine of the modern political landscape.” So how do we ignite the forces of change that could create a party that could represent you?

      1. Addley Walker November 11, 2017 at 5:21 pm

        Thanks for your swift response, did not see it until now!

        As Victor said, all hope was lost in the election after Bernie lost the primaries. Because that’s what is needed that the Democrats cannot manufacture, and the difficult answer to what will ignite the forces of change – which is an Event, a moment of critical mass support for a party or candidate. Because that’s what Bernie was, it was lightening in a bottle, it was chance, the right moment at the right time that hit people the right way. Yet it must crash into the rocks of the political machine, knowing full well this was the danger. The powers-that-be saw Hilary as the candidate with more merit. “She had the experience,”I was told by many, with a shrug. Shrugs I would say are not the motion of the excited and motivated political participant.

        Much of what Bernie’s campaign was still exists to some degree, but it is not the moment it was. Another Bernie, another Occupy, another Moment is what is needed. The problem is it is impossible to predict, as its spark is almost random. However, the next time it happens, we need to make sure it cracks the wall enough to break through, where Bernie and Occupy have clearly failed.

        Until then, it is a dire underdog struggle, but this struggle is where the answer begins, because the only way that people may be truly knowledgeable about their environment and communities is through the participation of intentional offline spaces where ideas can be exchanged in person. It is only through the nurturing of unions, organizations, and coalitions that the next Event to take hold can have something to refer to, a foundation to be built on and a structure that aims at solid, clear demands. These spaces that serve to contain these conversations must be fun, engaging. If we want people to spend time pushing a boulder up a hill, then we have to make sure the travel up is a fight we look forward to, when inevitably the rock rolls back down again in the constant struggle against the system. We must be the Sisyphus that ENJOYS pushing the rock! We must be surrounded by friends who will pick us up back up again, who believe in the fight for the sake of the fight. Be a Lifestyle Leftist, throw communist PARTY! If our friends share our struggle, it makes it that much easier to join in, and that much easier to get up in the morning. Already I see more and more new communities being fostered in Los Angeles, having tough conversations, running into problems, learning, growing. They enjoy each other’s company, they are motivated to fuck up and keep coming back.

        Political conversation must be rescued from the jargon that drips down from the academy and the endless knife fight that is social media. We must speak a language that we can all understand, and debate each other in person. What is the common plight? Healthcare, housing, wages. These are the problems that cross all lines of identity, and in many cases, are the main forces of social control, and what keeps potential voters LOCKED OUT of the political arena. Our values must be based in community, the pulling up of each other, the belief that if there is something all humans share it is they DESERVE A STABLE LIFE right off the bat, no questions ask. Without stability, what value is there in “competition?”. What is competition if one player is sick and miserable, has no time to train?

        In this way, when the next Event happens, it will have something to turn to! What we need is to make visible another option, because the name of the game is
        That is why solidarity is so important. Many Trump voters, and more importantly NON-VOTERS, they feel they have nowhere to turn, they notice nothing that captures their plight and a way out. What those who have the time, network, and energy to organize must do is pull together to give people another option, another idea to hold onto, that seems real, feasible, common sense.

        Whatever your final conclusion, the Marxist conversation must be understood, and it is the Left's job to make sure as many people as possible understand this, and I think this is very achievable, because Marxist dialogue is already framed in the every day plight of the working person, who are the majority.

        Also, and I get into the realm of my own personal outlook, but we need a political involvement that takes the consideration of people's spiritual needs. The Right has religion, what does the Left have? We all have our own, INDIVIDUAL journey we must walk down, specific to us. What has filled this void of our individual struggle is Liberal Identity Politics, which has failed, because it did not give a voice to the majority, something for EVERYONE to hold onto. We must struggle to be individual and universal at the same time, to make a space for ourselves, but share a positive vision of a world that is better than our own, and always work to lessen human suffering. Above all, for this, we must learn to be INTELLECTUAL HONEST.

        QUESTION YOURSELF, AND YOUR BELIEFS! Find the spirituality in that! Was not Buddha once Siddartha, who knew nothing of the world outside his palace? We must accept ourselves as not essential things, born one way and that forever, but as creatures of change. The system does not want change, it wants you to be one way forever. Love change, love yourself, love other people, and get really pissed off, and fuck shit up.

  2. Jrobinson November 9, 2017 at 6:24 am

    When Donald Trump announced that he was running for the presidency, I thought it was a viral joke, like when Mary Carey ran for governor of California, and my skepticism lasted until well into the campaign. After a while the jokes stopped and my confidence in his failure devolved into nervous laughter, while part of me still held onto the hope that he would eventually appear on Kimmel and announce that it was just a huge publicity stunt to promote the next season of apprentice. When it was announced that he had won the race, I just chuckled to myself and all I could say was “wow…”.

    After the first 2 weeks I was mortified at the pandemic of racism that so clearly had been bubbling under the surface of white middle/upper class and it was easy for me to see how Trump won the race in the first place. In every election, there is a divide in the popular opinion. It happened during both of Obama’s terms. We just happen to be on the other side of that. Trump isn’t the president that most of us wanted, but I agree with your sentiment, Mr. Sanchez that Trump is the president that most of us deserve. In my support for Bernie Sanders, I once said that, while he may not fix all of our domestic problems, he is undoubtedly a step in the right direction for change. Perhaps Trump is as well? If nothing else than a unifying force as well as a motivational tool for civic engagement. It’s also undeniable that Trumps first year in office has prompted a higher level of social awareness. If everything seems to be falling apart now, it’s because long existing social issues are surfacing in the midst of the political upheaval.

    In order to fix a broken system, it’s necessary for the masses to understand that it’s broken.

  3. Merlin Sosa Olivares November 9, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    I strongly believe that America has the government it deserves. We all are the ones to blame for our current situation. Despite the President’s reputation, he still managed to win and what’s worse: to survive in the White House. Donald Trump was successful in his campaign because he evoked feelings shared by many conservatives: hate, intolerance and fear. On the other hand, Liberals were of no good either; they didn’t manage to put everything together and to call for unity. Who’s to blame for this time of upheaval? Only those who are the very foundation of our democratic system: We the people.
    Although it is a controversial President, something must be acknowledged: people are -kind of- more aware to the daily events taking place at Washington. May it be just to criticize Trump’s’ tweets or to be aware of what will happen in our country, civic engagement is increasing. Yet, although most people are concerned about this hectic time, little has been done to generate a change. People just do not participate; people just do not do something to demonstrate real concern (other than rambling useless nonsense in social networks). I believe, and I reaffirm, that We have the government We deserve.
    Passivity is the poison that’s slowly killing our society. History has shown that many empires had fallen because of either a corrupt, tyrannical government or because its citizens did little to contribute to the betterment of the community. Sadly, both are happening in our country. If we want a change, we must do something. We the people always want things done with little or no effort at all. Our very own culture of passivity will end up killing us. Just like a sedentary lifestyle causing a stroke to a couch potato.

  4. Destinee T. November 9, 2017 at 10:14 pm

    It is still surprising that Donald Trump got elected as our 45th president. Learning about U.S. history in the past, I have not once heard how much the people of the United States despised their president as they do today. Seeing those marches by the people in Los Angeles and other states voicing that President Trump is not their president really shows the nation a lot. Now his own staff are shifting away from him as well to work with him, doesn’t that show us something as well. I agree that it is the peoples’ fault for not getting involved in the voting system to choice their leader. If we had more voters participating, maybe today would’ve been different. This dilemma with Trump in the office does force the people to be more active in our politics and it opened our eyes that our participation does really make a difference. The ones that did not vote for this election should not complain about our president because they didn’t voice their vote on who they wanted. I believe if you did not vote, you should not be displeased on who made it to the Oval Office. At the end of the day, Trump is our president and there is not much to do but ride it out. In the past we did have some presidents that weren’t the best, but our nation got through it. So lets hope in today’s era we can do the same.

    1. Chamba November 10, 2017 at 1:27 am

      How do you reconcile the observation that people “despised” their president and yet he managed to get elected?

  5. Salvador Garcia November 10, 2017 at 3:06 am

    i can really tell that it has been an agonizing year for many people who dislike President Trump. Yet, if we think for a minute and analyze how this person became president in the first place. i don’t know so much about politics but i would like to blame the people and also politicians as well. the underlying reason why people lost their faith towards politicians is because politicians had lied to our society over the past 18 years since Bush became president. the only things we used to hear was “I’m going to make the economy better, i’m going to do this and that blah blah blah”. Actions were never done. therefore, people lost interest in politics because every four years, it was the same thing. Yet, there is also guilt in us. the reason for that is that many us don’t participate in politics therefore, all these politicians have done what ever they want because they know that people are not going to go to their luxury offices and protest. “where are all the promises you mention”. if we were more demanding with our politicians we would have got a better america since the 2000s. again we the people can make america great again not President Trump. But, instead many of us are more focus on gadgets like the galaxy phone or iPhone and we don’t put so much importance on our every day problems. i mean people make huge line in a apple store and why we don’t make huge lines to make committess for our beneficial. Also, i would like to add that people think just because they participate on voting they think its enough, but no! We must participate all the time that is needed in order to establish a good government. because this country is not going to change until we open our eyes. thats why we have this clown for President!

  6. Teo November 10, 2017 at 4:19 am

    It is certainly true that Trump getting elected as a president is going to have an immense impact in the future of US politics. Even before his election people were skeptical about the efficiency of government, and politics were regarded as dirty business and politicians as those who don’t mind jumping into the mud. Now that Trump is president of the United States, all of these believes have been ratified.
    We have Donald Trump as a president. There are so many contradictions that it makes one doesn’t know what to think about the whole system. A man with no previous political experience won an election versus a woman with over 15 years of experience. One of the main arguments of his campaign was that he didn’t need sponsors for his campaign, and therefore he wouldn’t have to respond to any of his endorsers. Yet a man with so much business like he, doesn’t need sponsors to advocate for his own interests. In a country that was founded by immigrants and that relies on immigrants, the elected president has called those same immigrants rapists and criminals.
    But as the article mentions it, I believe this could have a positive turn out. People may realize the need of more engagement, to elect officials that are really suited for office. Maybe his election will result in people getting united instead of divided. Hopefully the chaos that we are seeing now will pave the ground for the change we need. Hopefully he will make America great again, even if it happens by accident.

  7. Marco Santana November 10, 2017 at 5:08 am

    What seemed like an endless journey of fear from a nuclear outbreak too the potential uprising of a white soceity once again we have reach the end of one year from a total of four years. What can we expect from the next three years based on the first? A fresh start for many turned out to be same if anything worse in my opinion. Trump was a symbol of hope for many middle and upper class white citizens, they hoped that he could undo what Obama had done and help this nation set itself free from the traditons of politics but what they got was a now divided nation, fearful nation, an awakening of a once forgot racist nation, and anti-muslim nation. For many it would seem that Trump created this predicament we are all currently in but I believe he just shedded light onto these once forgoten subjects which didnt seem like a good idea. As harsh as he may seem he is a necessary evil one that will prormote political engegament from our current generation but also an even more agressive approach from our DNC leaders.Regarded as one of the most the outspoken presidents of all time we some how managed to keep him undercontrol and prevent any nuclear holocaust or civil outbrake. Having said that we have hit the pivital point of improvement and progression, despite the DNC catastrophe of 2016 they have moved in a progessive dirrection by winning republican controlled states such as Virginia, New Jersey, and Washington State. As dauting as the remaning journey may seem and standing proud as a Democratic citizen we must not shy away from the challenge but rather ambrace it and welcome.

  8. Victor Galdamez November 10, 2017 at 7:36 am

    To say ‘I told you so’ would be childish of me, but we are talking about the most childish president in the history of this country. I lost hope as soon as Bernie lost the primaries, after what Donna Brazile is say we’re rigged primaries. We are just see the tip of the iceberg with this man’s, his policies, and his way of handling news, or “fake news.” Can’t wait for the next three years.

    I will say that this was very necessary for the United States. It was a rude awakening for people, to realize what a joke the political system has become, but also to become more active. Never in the history has politics ever been talked about, as it is right now. Heck i even talk about it during warehouse parties at 4 am. I have faith that the American people will realize what a mess it’s made, and to finally clean house.

  9. William November 10, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    This article serves as a reflection of the moments before and after the 2016 election as well as the effects of Trump’s victory on U.S. citizens. The purpose of this article is to persuade readers to participate in local elections instead of only complaining about everything Trump is responsible for. The article was written to warn readers about the effects of voter apathy and assert the message that the country will elect negligent political leaders again if people do not strive to improve the current political climate.

    I agree with the points raised in this article for the most part. People did not prepare for a Trump victory. People did react harshly through social media on the night of November 8th when Trump garnered 270 electoral votes. People did initially deny Trump as the 45th POTUS. Trump did appeal to the white working class who felt politically alienated. Trump did contribute to much of the political division in the U.S. today. However, there must be a lesson that people should take away from this.

    I believe that the events outlined above are caused by a lack of critical thinking skills in most people. People take information at face value without checking the credibility of their sources. This is probably the reason why Trump still has supporters even after one year into the presidency. Using the example of California’s 34th Congressional District special election, Jimmy Gomez won against Robert Lee Ahn even though Ahn fundraised more than Gomez. This is probably due to identity politics which allowed Gomez to collect more votes from Hispanics/Latinx than Ahn would from Koreans. Citizens voted for people who looked more like them instead of the policies that were raised during the campaign.

    In order to solve this lack of critical thinking, I believe it has to start in K-12 education. Reflecting on my own education, teachers at the primary education level did not help develop critical thinking skills. They did not encourage thinking beyond the curriculum set for a specific grade. This hindered students showing a drive to excel beyond their current grade because teachers sometimes scolded students for doing more than what is required of them. Moreover, in secondary education, teachers do not help students develop critical thinking until the later stages of high school. Common Core was believed to be a solution for these problems, but this was not true. It only forced students into working collectively, but teachers still indoctrinated students with uncritical information.

    In terms of solving the problem of voter apathy, I believe that a civics class must be a requirement in high school in order to graduate. I am not talking about an arbitrary government class, but a class that teaches the different levels of government (city, county, state, federal) as well as teaching students the importance of voting for smaller scale elections. That way, when these students turn 18, they have the necessary tools to make informed decisions about voting. Drawing from my experience in high school, my participation in local elections started because my high school history teacher (tasked with teaching the class about democratic governments) taught a brief lesson on the different levels of government as well as the separation of powers present in each government (executive, legislative, and judicial). She was previously an urban planner, so she was very involved with local politics. I actually asked her for advice on how to become an informed voter in local elections when I received my first ballot for the California’s 34th Congressional District special election.

  10. Jose S. November 10, 2017 at 9:22 pm

    “Fuck Trump,” a colorful rhetoric spray painted on the side of an LAPD vehicle. I was there in Downtown Los Angeles by the Public library to see firsthand the people revolt and chant “Not my president.” I went with a friend because we had both came to the conclusion that this was historic. Sure, some were out there just to cause a ruckus and others were there to protest; not once ever taking the time to vote (a point you made as this is the government we deserve). However, what I came to conclude that night was that this was a collective unified thought of the people. It soon became an unlawful gathering (they declared it as such) as the LAPD geared up with their riot shields and batons. My friend and I knew this had a profound meaning simply because it was not just a gathering but a hasty response. A response defended defiantly by some even as the police warned us to leave or potentially be incarcerated.

    The point I’m making is even though we’ve “survived” president Trumps first year in office we as the people have never been more united. Now you may be scratching your head as to how were united when it seems like were on the brink of civil war. Well news flash racism has always been rampant and alive. You can go as early back as the Rodney king riots to see the injustice of prejudice and racism. You can even argue were still battling with the same issues since the civil rights era. Yet despite all that which has been known and ignored, the literal world seems united against the antics of the leader of the free world. My question is why now and what purpose does this serve? How is it that a business man who once described himself as a Democrat is the “front man” for republican ideologies? The youth may now be “woke” and have a keen eye to the events around them but is that really going to make a change? Sure, we can invest our time into local elections and try to make a difference but who’s to say they are not in the elitist pocket? That only seems like were throwing a bucket of water to the soaring flames of a corrupt political institution. Now I know my syntax may seem like I’m a conspiracy nut but we need to go deeper to seek the truth (also conspiracy theorists have a negative connotation simply because the government does not want us to find the skeletons in their closet). Taking things at face value is a “no can do” and we need to see as the people that there is an obvious agenda in front us. We need to look into wall street and these monopolized corporations but instead were focused on the racists, that have been here, and president orange’s twitter remarks.

    For me this is seems like one big façade.

    1. Chamba Sanchez November 10, 2017 at 9:41 pm

      You touched upon great points above. The unity that you alluded above can’t just be displayed rejecting this president. The challenge here is bringing this unity to the local level where people feel totally helpless and hopeless. That is a unity, I truly would like to see.

  11. Jamal Brinkley November 11, 2017 at 1:51 am

    When Donald Trump announced he was running for president it was the most irrelevant statement to me, I didn’t believe it. Months come by and he’s campaigning hard and gaining rapid support. I saw Trumps hustle from the beginning that this man wasn’t going to back down. Whatever came to his mind and he said, which I think got him the support and attention he needed. From the get go, I called Trump the most uneducated man for the position and he is making that very clear. Trumps support system was more determined than those of Bernie. Those who just claimed they didn’t want trump in office, and didn’t vote, didn’t do enough to benefit their country. Now everyone noticing his bold acts, witnessing his actions when it comes to situations that have been causing this country Turmoil. It has clearly woken up individuals that haven’t had an interest in politics, though it may be too late and those who weren’t invested got what they worked for. I noticed trumps incentive towards other races when he stated “Make America great again”. When was America ever great? 70 years ago colored people couldn’t vote, nor drink out the same water fountain as white people. There always has been a divide in this country, and it seems to be bigger now than ever before. I have not been impressed with anything Trump has been doing in office. He been causing more conflict than anything.

  12. Cristina Sosa November 11, 2017 at 2:07 am

    I actually can’t believe that we HAVE surpassed a year under Trump’s presidency. I had no hopes for him to actually come out as the victor at the end of the race only because he sounded like an annoying rich brat to me and I didn’t believe that people were actually feeding into his acting and dramatic behavior. At the end, I realized that money is power and no matter what vulgar or offensive comments you’ve said or done to people, it can all be overlooked and accepted. I’m not only talking about the comment you mention above he made about Mexican’s but I’m also talking about him bragging about sexually assaulting women in the past; “Grab ‘em by the Pussy”, and how when you’re a star, they let you do anything. In reaction to the tape, he later has the audacity to tweet about it and commenting that he was only engaging in “locker room talk”. This didn’t settle with me in a good way and it empowered me to go out there in the streets of Downtown Los Angeles and join with the several thousands of marchers that were expressing the same feelings. There are no words to describe the amount of energy that was out there that day. I can actually say that it has been one of the very best experiences in the years I’ve been alive. I guess you can say I’m one who has solely has focused on his behavior, because to me, actions speak much louder than words and his actions have not proven himself a worthy man to represent this country.

    This polarization in America that you mention, has become evident with Trump in office. It has brought out the darkness that has been embedded in some and it is disappointing. The fact that we are still dealing with racism, unequal rights, oppression, etc. in this day in age has proven that America is not as progressive with such matters. Trump has singled out antifa in his initial claim that “many sides” were at fault for the unfortunate event that happened in Charlottesville in August. When little does he realize that by making ignorant comments about mexicans and such, only encourages neo-Nazis, white nationalists and KKK. At least these alt-lefts, antifa, are conscious and acting on the injustice we live in. In the end, there is hope for this country to better itself by getting involved in the world of today. These are great opportunities become part something bigger than you ever imagined being a part of. I agree, it is now or never to seek the support in our communities and groups for the demand of a better administration. We need to be the government we want for the future generation and for our children and their children’s children. Thank you for your post.

    1. james gooden January 23, 2018 at 10:30 pm

      We have survived Trump for a year. The left is still in tatters, though there is good work being done. Since the day Donald Trump was elected President in November 2016 the Dow Jones industrial avg. has risen by some 35 percent, making the last 14 months one of the greatest bull market runs in history. Some $6 trillion of wealth has been created for Americans. This is good news for 55 million Americans with 401 (k) plans, the 25 million or so who have IRA’s and another 20 million with company pension plans and employee stock ownership plans. Pundits and other experts who engage in political analysis agree that Trump’s success in winning the presidency was his ability to animate the uneducated white working class who saw the political and economic system being rigged. They also rejected multi-cultures and saw the new economic order as a threat to their own beings. They were the ones who totally disliked the political elites who control the major political parties.

  13. Steve Quintanilla November 11, 2017 at 2:22 am

    It really has been an interesting year to say the least. That the most prestigious political office could become the object of such ridicule because of the man that currently holds it is something that no one could ever have predicted when “The Donald” made his fateful descent from his gilded staircase all those years ago.

    While many might have been outraged by the abhorrent things that this man said. Many others on the right wing of the political spectrum were in awe about the fact that finally someone who was running for office would not be beholden or restrained by the forces of political correctness dominating American culture today.

    While I do agree with your statement that part of his success was because of his ability to motivate and mobilize uneducated white working class people. It has to be stated that the fact is that Donald Trump would not have won the election without the many educated white middle class voters that did support him and did vote for him.

    The polarization of American society is nothing new it is something that has been present since the founding of the nation and it will continue into the future. This fact was evident in the 1960s counter culture revolution and it is evident today. I do not believe that there is any more polarization now as opposed to in the past. The big difference today is the capacity for people to get their messages out into the world due to new technologies that did not exist in the past. America is not a hegemony and it never will be.

    The United States is a robust country and it has endured for over 200 years. Donald Trump has three more years left to go and unless he does something truly catastrophic like start a nuclear war, I think the United States will probably be around for another 200 years.

  14. Jerrsha B. November 11, 2017 at 2:45 am

    Though It’s been a year since he was elected, it seems like a decade. That the voters of America voted a reality TV star as our 45th chief executive. He totally showed us what kind of man he is and by his actions there’s nothing positive about it. Over the course of the year, his bizarre social media episodes, his promises slowly crashing, and the disrespect he has towards this nation not only made me question him but the individuals who voted for him. Like what I don’t understand is why anyone still supports him. What exactly do they think he’s accomplishing besides being on Twitter? That’s he really good at those 144 character tweets?

    We have the same people who told us to get over it is now realizing the kind of man Donald Trump is and having second regrets. Maybe more people took the election seriously, our world could be heading in a different direction today. That it’s easy to say we shouldn’t care what the president does but that’s not the case here. Voting is very important and people shouldn’t take it for granted. I always tell people I would rather know that my vote might make a difference then not to vote at all.

    I would definitely say Trump is a wake-up call for our country and it’s sad we have to continue to deal with him. We have 3 more years of Trump and I hope and pray more people would open up their eyes. We really had enough already, and it’s only been a one year.

  15. Leonardo Berumen November 11, 2017 at 3:26 am

    I have many ideas on trump’s election and the the precursors as to the chaos afterwards. Trumps election was a huge shock to much of America, but i don’t believe this is entirely to be blame on neglegent democrats with the whole “At least she isnt Trump” motto which many believed was a valid tactic. It obviously did not work, as that shows little involvement or passion in the election. Trump had passion and zeal about what he wanted to do with the country. Hillary showed very little passion for change, just with the occasional snarkiness and online meme. Not many people got involved in Hillary’s campaign besides the feministic “I’m with her” faction and the “anyone but trump” faction. It nearly worked, or would have should she have payed more attention to the wing states with more passion. Trump had passion and zeal about changing America and was no holds barred about it. This type of behavior is great for rallying masses and creating schisms, especially when your beliefs are so radical. Leading me to my next point on why i believe trump was elected. If i am not mistaken, Trump’s parents are sponsored by or by some offshoot of the KKK. Couple that fact with the fact that one of the first african american woman Dorothy Counts-Scoggins to attend an all white school recently just turned 73. This means that many of the men and women who would beat, lynch and burn african americans in the past are still aslive and able to vote, no matter how old and senile you can still vote. Just food for thought, and a big reason i believe trump has gotten elected. I am not extremely worried about Trump’s legislation, as much of what he wants to is being blocked in congress by people of his own party who do not even believe in him. Though hte fact that we have a pathalogical liar who denies information from American’s is worrisome. Blocking someone on twitter as POTUS is illegal, you are denying american citizens news on legistlation and the country as a whole. Trumps block list must reach the 1000’s by now. Let us just cross our fingers the two remaining branches of government can check Trump for another 3 years, or some new information may arrive that could get him impeached. Though impeachment may not be the best option, as Trump once stated in an conference when asked about Gay rights, trump gestured to Pence and say’s “dont ask him, he’d hang them all?” I prefer my neck still attached to my body thank you, so out option post-impeachment is not the greatest as well,

  16. Rachel November 11, 2017 at 3:43 am

    One down three more years to go, well hopefully. This to me was actually a very interesting article to read. First of all I honestly did not know that it was Donald Trump 1 year of being president. Something that I know for a fact is that a lot of people dislike him very much, which sucks because in the end of the day he represents The United States if we like it or not. Many Latinos hate him because of what he said which was “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Donald Trump is very honest he speaks his mind which is a good thing I believe. It’s frustrating having to hear him say something like this because he doesn’t know that when people come to ” The Land of opportunity ” they sacrifice everything not knowing if they will even survive. All he ever talked about is Mexicans and how they are taking over and bla bla bla, when they are the ones fighting every single day working and helping their family. What about the white nationality? There has been already 2 massive shooting and i haven’t heard anything about Donald Trump. The only thing that i agree with him is about crime. I agree that people that are not from here and have committed a big crime should go where they came from and have them deal with them.
    There is no point to evaluate the President’s policy failures, economic successes and his impact on the international stage. Why? well because to him he can careless what others think about him, he doesn’t have time to be reading and evaluating when he has failed or not. Lets talk about his behavior I mean who doesn’t like it right? For being a president I think it’s cool that he tweets most of the things. Why well because many adults and teenagers just use technology nowadays and are not even into politics so in my opinion it is useful in a way because they can read what he is doing and saying.
    When Donald Trump won the election for many people it was the end, they knew that they were going to get deported back to their country and maybe that is why they didn’t like him. Many things has happened in this years, image the next 3 years. It was heart breaking having to hear so many families breaking apart going through all of this. Many people started to protest and to march “with signs that read, This man is not my president.” Well unfortunately, like it or not he will be our president for 3 more years. I think that it was dumb for people to say that because there was nothing else they could’ve done they just got themselves into more problems which makes Donald Trump hate Latinos because personally we like drama.
    Many people did not vote because one their not from here, two because their not 18, three because their not politically involved, and four because many people think that their vote doe not count. I personally did not vote because I did not care about the elections I , did not care about what was going to happen and it was a big mistake that I regret. Its true why bitch about the president if I did not vote there is no point of bitching because I made the decisions to not to vote due to not being politically involved. Many people neglect local elections and they they talk smack about the president like really its just ridiculous.

  17. Meibely Alvarado November 11, 2017 at 4:15 am

    One year, a year of many controversies, disgusts, and shocking events. The election of president Donald Trump devastated many families. Over the years deportation has separated many families, and having a president who has a bias towards the illegal immigrant community became an issue as president Trump was elected. Unfortunately life doesn’t get any easier and we have to learn to live with what we have. Yes, we need a change but it cannot be done if we don’t come together and take action on the issue. We need to become more educated on the issues that are affecting our daily life. Many people might say “I don’t have the time to get involved in political issues, I have a family to support.” As members of our community we are not taking the time to get involved into issues that affect us, this needs to change. Because we might not have time, we have to make the time. Other people who do have time are taking a stand on this issues, they are people like president Trump, who have the time and the commitment to “Make America Great Again” by looking out for self interest, and not the minorities. Are we just going to sit on the couch, and watch TV news on how president Trump is harming the illegal immigrant community? Or are we going to step out there and learn more about the issues that affect us? We must recognize that there is a problem. This country should not be governed by hate, and greed. We must stand up to what we believe is right for thus country.

  18. Jonathan Calderon November 11, 2017 at 4:50 am

    Without a doubt, a lot of Americans are starting to go back on their decision of electing this man as their president. He has been riddled with lies and ties to corrupt politicians and people. But, this should be a lesson learned to those who were for him and have now succumb with the reality of their decision. This man is unfitting to be our president. It’s only right to assume that the people who were once supportive of him, are now starting to pay more attention to their local government and be more involved. However, this is not the case. Today people are protesting out in the street holding up their pick-it signs, and trying to get the attention of the media just to get their points and views across. Instead, if you really cared about it, you should get more involved by informing yourself and voting in your local elections. This will give you a better background if you ever come to an argument with someone that is protesting “kick trump out of office” or “Not my president”. A tree will not grow without the proper care and conditions, one must first plant it, and then maintain it. This is the same with making sure the people in charge can do it, and don’t take to twitter to cry about how everything is wrong.

    “Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I’m not sure about the universe”. – Albert Einstein

  19. Joshua torres November 11, 2017 at 5:23 am

    when i first heard that Donald Trump was going ti run for president i did not really pay attention to it because i did not think he would go far. i started realizing that he was actually being liked by a lot of people and he had a fair amount if supporters that when i started getting worried. First i said how can people be so stupid to even listen to what this person has to say and i would get mad at people but then i started to see why people where listening to him. He reminds me of Hitler and how Hitler was a powerful speaker and got his points across to people. Donald trump has a way of getting is points across and having his supporters to back him up. i never really cared for him but once he became president i new i was going to have to follow up on the things he does because it can possibly affect me i started listening to what he had to say and started realizing that maybe this man has a strong vision. Who knows maybe having this man as president can actually help out the United States hid knowledge in business knowing how to run one can be positive because he can maybe get us out of the debts we have with other countries. The people voted for this man so they are getting what they asked for the type of government there is now is something the people are going to have to deal with it can be a bad thing or a good thing but at the end of the day one needs to support him because he is out president and anything that he does will affect us all.

  20. Pauline Perez November 11, 2017 at 5:51 am

    Being one of those people that denounced Trump’s presidency, I too felt defeated in some way. At the time, I figured the whole campaign was a show to distract the American people from the reality of our nations recent upsets, but when the results were read, I knew we were heading into potentially dangerous times. The president’s propositions have been upsetting and difficult to swallow for many, as we look to the Democrats for some kind of lifeline. Disappointed again, they have failed to renew faith in a promising change. So instead of focusing on what antics our president will come up with next, I think we should focus more on the current conversations, like North Korea, which really needs to be on our minds. I cannot allow myself to believe it is right to celebrate one trying and stressful year of politics. The potential of war is something that I hope my kids would never have to see in their lifetime and protecting our youth should be a priority. I can feel how overwhelming it is to have mass shootings and domestic dilemmas that keep us up at night, but sadly at the end of the day we are distracted by the scandals in media. These “soap opera” episodes continue on but we should be trying our best to unite as Americans, whole, to address the ongoing gun policies and healthcare disputes. If it is of true importance, than all parties should come together to come up with a master plan and turn Trump’s first year into something productive and beneficial instead wasting time on trying to push the man out of office. Clearly he is here for now and America is still in need of guidance and mending.

  21. Rose Garcia November 11, 2017 at 6:03 am

    Bringing importance to the local elections that happen around us is an important fact that contributes to growth in leadership. Becoming aware and educated in who build the political pyramid is a knowledge that is needed to being able to take the necessary actions to make the change we all wish to see. I agree that Trump definitely does not have the same interests Madison had for the government of the US. It is interesting to consider the derailment of those primal ideologies Madison had. In fact, not only were Madison’s and Trump’s ideas for the country different but their decorum in the public eye as well. Through Madison’s essay’s one can have an insight on the differences in vocabulary and expression between himself and of the current President, Trump. These are all small details that overall paint a picture of obvious differences between the leadership that is needed and the leadership that is currently being used. I refuse to follow the poorly strung words of Trump, but I do accept the challenge to learn how to mold with other individuals into the leadership that is needed for tomorrow.

  22. Roberto Flores November 11, 2017 at 6:08 am

    The fact that Donald J. Trump is our nations president is just ludicrous. he is a man that should stay in his lane and do what he does best, say your fired on the apprentice. we as Americans should take responsibility and get a grip on what is going on in our government. we must remember that there is no one to blame for our president, we the people have the power to put him in office and if we were more aware of what was happening, we might not have ever had him as a president. i believe that Donald Trump is not fit to be the commander and chief of this great nation, but until we start taking politics more seriously, we will be stuck with more presidents that resemble Mr. trump. he is a bad representation of what a good American is. Since the day he started his political career, he has shown that he does not care about America’s citizens. he talks bad about everyone who is not a white American. He should not be our president, because he seems to care more about what people say about him than the problems going on in the united states. he cares more about Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem than he does about the murder rate in places like Chicago, which has been nicknamed chiraq for the fact that there are more murders and violence that occur in Chicago than the war in Iraq. This alone should be enough proof that Donald trump is doing nothing for America and Americans, but making all of us look like bad people with even worse intent. all in all, I believe that by the end of the year, Donald Trump’s reign of terror over America must come to an end.

  23. Aurora Flores November 11, 2017 at 6:30 am

    Reading this article made me aware that it has being 1 year since Donald Trump became the president because I honestly didn’t know. However is ironic how many citizens say that is not their president it makes me upset because when Donald Trump won the elections thousands of people did protest saying “Donald Trump Not My President” and everything but I’m pretty sure that at least 50% of those people that can vote didn’t vote until they saw that everything that he said during his campaign it was turning into reality they now wanted to do something when it was nothing they can’t do anymore. As in the other hand, now that Donald Trump is the president citizens pay more attention to politicians but as we know people don’t believe in politicians anymore because we all know that nowadays everything is all about making money and having good reputación, without caring about their society. I personally didn’t vote because I’m not a citizen but if I had the opportunity I would have definitely vote, people that can’t vote depend on those that can and is sad that a lot of people don’t take this topic serious, because in the long run it will affect or benefit citizens.

  24. Nicholas November 11, 2017 at 6:56 am

    To many, including myself it is still such a shock that it has been a year since Donald trump was elected president. I️ knew society wasn’t as inclusive as I️ thought it was but to elect someone of this intensity to be the president truly shocked me. Where did this country go wrong? Did we not do enough as citizens? Did we not believe in ourselves? What was it? I️ remember vividly where I️ was and what I️ was doing when he announced that he was running for President. When he said those things about Latinos I️ couldn’t believe it was true. How was that allowed? Why wasn’t that enough to kick him out of the race? The day of the election was heart wrenching. I️ was at the casino that night and I️ remember stopping at the tv during the last state and seeing that mans face as the 45th president made the whole casino quiet. Nobody could’ve believed it. His staff has currently came out to the press about stuff he may have done and there has been impeachment allegations and we could only hope there is enough evidence to go through with it. Trump in office doesn’t work. He has single handedly put a disgrace on presidents, he has made this country despise him, even more than he already is. We as a country should’ve voted harder. Some states didn’t try hard enough and this is the result of it, maybe we did deserve it. The focus on this society isn’t where it should be, we should focus on making this country better rather than focusing on materialistic things that don’t effect our society. We still have a while to go but we as a country should learn from these mistakes and do the opposite of what we did this last time around. Regardless of the fact that we have survived a year with trump doesn’t mean anything, we need to learn not to do this again and be a country united and electing someone that will make a difference for the better. In the article it should mention some more about the things he has done as President that aren’t president like. Mention how he has made “America great again” or what has he done positively for this country.

  25. Jocelyn Martinez November 11, 2017 at 7:03 am

    Trump becoming president is still surprising, and it’s something that really impacted this world by creating so much chaos. It’s really crazy to think how people reacted to Trumps victory protesting and acting out of control, trying to make themselves heard, but was it really helping? This government is the way it is because we deserve it. People aren’t so involved in the political community and yet when something goes wrong they don’t do anything to stop it from happening. When people then decide to get involved they aren’t prepared and react to the situation badly just like many did with Trump becoming President. Throughout the election people knew what Trump kept on commenting and targeting immigrants and talking poorly about women, yet when they needed to speak up people didn’t until it was already too late. Also, people usually aren’t so aware of whats happening and are uneducated about politics, which i believe leads them to not vote, just like i didn’t vote because i wasn’t aware of how important it is to be involved. Not voting harms our community and government and to avoid any situations like we are in right now with Trump being our president.

  26. Emiliano Lopez November 13, 2017 at 3:34 am

    It is absolutely ridiculous to think that Donald Trump is the Commander and Chief of the United States of America. Many questions are asked as to what kind of people voted for this man, how could someone so bigoted become President? Or how did the Democrats lose the Presidential Election?
    The answer is very complex and not as cut and dry as people would seem. I believe the democratic party’s rallies, debates and interviews created a toxic division within that were detrimental enough to elect a substandard president. The bickering and back biting were capitalized by Trump and were used to create an aura of distrust that electors bought into. If there is anything to respect about Trump is he used their bickering to his advantage. If this so-called “Better Deal” is going to work. The democratic party will have to unify their factions to accomplish their goals. There is no other way.

  27. felix November 13, 2017 at 8:34 am

    Many times society do not take people series until it’s too late. One this great example was President Donald Trump. Even though many people laughed about his politic messages and the way he was going no one could believe until he became the most powerful men in the world. However, he was elected democratically which today I do not understand why people are complaining. Thanks, those that did not vote in the last election he wined. The Washington Post states that 29.9% of eligible to vote did not vote. Which people could make the difference in the previous election; however, things are done. Therefore, people should enforce their right to vote to avoid this type of crisis. On the other hand, people blame the democrat party because of the way they lost in the last election. Nevertheless, even though with the Democrat or Republican Party in power I believe American citizens should make hear more their voice by being more engaged in politic. Because of lack of interest in politic, it results in a negative impact in the community.

  28. Andrew Flores November 13, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    This article reflects on the 1 year anniversary since the inauguration and it seems like absolutely no progress has been made towards anything. It seems as if Donald Trump since the election was a very “terrifying” choice for the presidency, especially, with all of team memebers he brought with him. Its funny how even with all of his members most of them before the 1 year mark. I recall the elections, I remember being in Biology class when it happened. My liberal teacher was scared that he would win and I was saying to myself he’s going to win. America is a stupid country built by chance.

    The article also brings up a problem that Democrats need to organize. They need to be one, which is why Donald won the election. They all had one motive and that motive was, they wanted things like they used to be or in their eyes they wanted “America to be Great Again”.

    We have to look forward regardless of who the president is and be more politically aware of our surroundings. It is disgusting how uneducated this man is and how he completely revealed a bandaged issue. He brought light to an issue that wasn’t really mentioned. It also puts a light on those “Liberals” who can not get their things together and are tragically dividing one another because of the nit pickiness in the same political party.

  29. Ignacio Martinez November 13, 2017 at 5:53 pm

    Turn on the TV, Trump, turn on the radio, go on the internet, Trump, trump. I don’t think there has been a single day where in these last two years or so, that has gone by and I have not heard the name Donald Trump being uttered. You have to give it to him, he found our weak point and hit it hard. The poor, uneducated, white working class. That infamous slogan, “Make America great again!” Makes me rather nauseous to even type these words. Many fell for it but the veil has been lifted and most can see that this was the wrong person to have sitting as the head of the highest office in our country.
    You are right, that night Nov. 8th of 2016 will always be remembered like one of those days when a major event took place. I clearly remember where I was the morning of the attack on 9/11, and I will always remember where I was the night that Donald Trump was elected President. The somber, out of body feeling that came over all of us when we realized he would be our elected president. Never did I imagine a President could behave in the way this man has behaved. The words that of come out of his mouth, his actions. They are unbelievable. But we will get through this, like you said, we got through such issues as slavery, Nixon, well get through Trump. I do believe though, every citizen does have to get more politically involved, not just vote and be knowledgeable of the political system, but also educate their fellow friends, family and anyone they come in contact with.

  30. Jose Vicencio November 14, 2017 at 2:20 am

    I remember the day President Trump was elected, I heard that he had won and I thought they had mistaken the name of Hilary Clinton. That was how shocked I was when I heard his name. I could not sleep that night because of was thinking of so many theories as to why he won. I thought maybe they miscounted votes, maybe it was just a popularity contest, or it was just a prank. I have been wanting to sit down a trump supporter to really understand why they think he was the right guy for this job. I feel extremely guilty though because I did not vote myself because California had the Clinton vote so I said: we won anyway. I understand now that that is a horrible mentality and I would like to apologize to those who could not have voted. It was a waste of a right on part, and my mother despised me for it for a while. hopefully we can impeachment or force him out as President Nixon was; and as cruel and evil as it sounds I hope his fate ends up the same as Kennedy. I have
    jokingly discussed with relatives about the assassination of Trump and how we could potentially be looked upon as heroes and not as terrorist. Unless of course they do something about the gun control law, no point intended.

  31. Susan Cisneros November 14, 2017 at 7:25 am

    It’s been a year from trumps presidential win he has a strong support from the Republican Party since they have hope that he will be capable of achieving his promises made while campaigning. He has managed to maintain his supporters by arguing that taxes are too high, immigration is a burden among other arguments that have lead people to believe he will do sometime productive for this country. But reality is that this guy has not grown into his role as president and acted presidential. His ways have not changed and there is no hints of it changing anytime soon, if ever. He has demonstrated he is narrow-mindedness and encourage prejudice in the United States. There is so much more discrimination happening with this guy in office, and making his racial remarks public without any respect. It seems that we are taking large steps backwards, and all the work of our founding fathers were working for seems to be going down the drain. Liberty, and justice seems to have a narrow definition with this guy. It’s ok for him to say and act any which way he desires. But when people have questioned him he makes sure to shut them up, with his posy of security. When the subject on majorities and minorities it seems like he has two different agendas, one is for his white groups and the other for everyone else. We can’t argue that on certain things he is good at which is business, reports of show that within the first 6 months he was able to increase the NASDAQ. One thing is completely true is that this guy has the power to cause a lot of harm with his mouth and with his ideology. Like you said there is nothing to do now, it’s too late he is our president because PEPLE DONT VOTE. That is not all thought we have to learn and make sure that we get knowledgeable about politics so this will not happen again. Like he said in his inaugural address make government work for us, “the American people”, and that includes all of us, not only whites.

  32. Lessly Ramirez January 15, 2018 at 8:46 pm

    I am a registered voter. Unfortunately, I did not vote for neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton. Till this day I somewhat regret not voting because I felt like my vote could have actually made a difference, but now we will never know. On the day it was announced that Donald Trump had won the presidency my reaction was a bit complicated, mostly because I know what he stands for, the Republican side, but also because I actually did not know what his plans were and how he planned to execute them in the country. Many people were outraged to find out he won. They started all these protests and hashtags: “#HeIsNotMyPresident” to get him impeached and stop him from deporting innocent and hardworking immigrants. We cannot change the fact that he is our presents, we must accept it. It may be hard but nothing can be done, unless they impeach him, but as many of us know there is a small percentage he ever will be. Donald Trump has said and done things which make the United States of America look bad. Refugees and immigrants come here to create a fresh start, to live the ‘American Dream’, but Trump has been trying to close the door on them. This article lays out the reactions and responses citizens had before and after the election to show us how much we need to work on. We haven’t been using our power to think critically to figure out what can be done to protect our rights. In my opinion, Trump was not politically prepared to become a leader for this country. As I once read in an article about him, sources wrote how he only recently got into politics in the year of 2015. The polarization in America that you’ve mentioned, has become evident with Trump being in office. His actions have brought out the darkness that has been embedded in some and it is disappointing, yet frustrating. The fact that we are still dealing with racism, unequal rights, oppression, in this day in age has proven that America is not as progressive with such matters and Trump will most likely make the situation worse. Trump is one wakeup call we cannot ignore. On the contrary of him saying terrible things about immigrants and calling countries, “Shithole countries” maybe this man has a vision where he sees America great again. For example, his new Tax Reform and infrastructures he plans to imply to make America wealthy and strong again. As Barack Obama said in his 2008 acceptance speech about John McCain, “He doesn’t get it.” It seems like Trump has never fully understood the truth of being in the Republican Party, even some Republicans know what he is trying to do is inhumane. We still have more than two year with Trump being Commander and Chief of the United States, so it is our responsibility to be educated and prepared, so when the next presidential election comes many of us won’t be afraid to vote.

  33. Maria Flores January 17, 2018 at 11:01 pm

    One more time, sorry about my English. But I will do my best to express myself clearly about this article.
    As the article mentions it, I still remember perfectly that Nov. 8 of 2016. My phone was full of messages from friends and family members all around the world in some many different countries asking me if the “big news” was the truth.
    They were all in such a big shock. Myself, I got a little bit scared. To be honest, I was not surprised at all. I was the only member of my family who had mentioned it, days before the election, that he was going to win. I was not totally sure, but I could feel it. All the members of my family laughed at me. They told me that was so stupid. That someone like him, was not ever be able to win as a President of such an “important” nation. I responded to all of them, that in a country in which most people and societies of any level treat, admire, and see Hollywood actors as super heroes, and in a country in where people like “The Kardashian Family” are seen like gods(and they have become so wealthy because of that), it was definitely possible to have a president like Mr. Trump. I was not afraid about myself. I was afraid about so many people around me. About wonderful co-workers I have had for years. I was afraid about family members and friends who are “illegally” in this country doing honest things. I was afraid about the entire world. About the children who are the new generations of this world. About the ones who do not know how to protect themselves from people like him. And of course, I became so worried about my own country Mexico because of it being a very rich country in natural resources and being a neighbor country of this nation. The only natural resource we had left a year ago, was our petrol. Now, we have nothing left. I knew that with a president like Mr. Trump, as a next neighbor of my country, things could get worse as they in fact have in the last year. I did not vote on the 2016 elections because I am not a citizen yet. My family members voted for Hillary, but I was not really convinced about her either.
    What I can say about his “madness” attitude, that most people are talking about, is that “those displays of misguided exceptionalism, greed of power, inability to show compassion, and constantly defiling the founding spirit of this country”, as mentioned on this article, are the characteristics shown by not only by him as a President of the most “powerful” nation in the world but others as well. This country had Mr. Bush as a president before, who demonstrated the same about himself as a human being as Mr. Al Gore mentioned once. “Instead of making this country better, he has made it infinitely worse. We are less safe because of his policies…”. We also had Mr. Harry Truman as well, who approved the horrendous attack in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in the 40’s. Did they show any kind of civility by then?…No, they did not. And we all know it. But what makes Mr. Trump “different” from other Presidents who think or used to think the same way as him?. Mr. Trump does not care about making public his believes. Does that “defect” makes him worse than other Presidents? I do not think so. The problem here is that we, the people, are not used to hearing what we do not like to hear, but the truth is that we have survived so many Presidents just as selfish as he is. That is what I understand about his “different truth.” At the end of the day, it is so true that “We deserve the government we have.” In a country in which most residents prefer to spend $300 or more in attending a Dodgers Game or getting the newest iPhone on the market, while complaining about having to pay $300 for a college semester, yes we definitely have the government we deserve.
    Thank you for reading.

  34. LaShanna Anderson January 21, 2018 at 5:09 am

    When I first heard of Donald Trump allegedly running for President I laughed. I honestly believed, that America would not be this naïve and uninterested in the presidential election. I did not take it serious, honestly believed that Trump was just “blowing smoke,” just like when Kanye West claimed, he would be running for president in 2020. I’m not into politics none the less but I always thought that in order to be a leader of the United States the candidate would have to have some political background. I guess growing up when the teachers said, “You can be whatever you want, even the President.” They actually meant it. For a man to just inherent money from his parents, create his own businesses, as well as appear on widely popular broadcasts, and become our President is astonishing. This just proves that us as a people do not care who leads, it could be a dog as long as he is not pressing the button to our mass extinction and throwing a little money our way we could careless. Not even mentioning the fact that this man has only been in office a little over a year and he has pressed buttons of some of the most powerful men in the world. Creating a bigger target on America’s back for his own selfish reasons. To discriminate against the people who decided to migrate here to help develop America in ways he as President could not do on his own. President or not he should not have the right to alienate individuals who have paved the way of making America what it is today. Everyone has migrated from somewhere whether it is neighboring countries or states, even as small as cities. We are ALL looking for better. Without generations before us marching and fighting to create FREEDOM and EQUALITY. President Trump would not have a white house to protect him, would not have the fancy cars he drives, the luxury vacation spots he stays, the meals prepared for him, his clothing, every material or substance he uses without IMMIGRANTS. In order for him to create that wall, or prevent foreigners the opportunity to migrate here, he is going to need help from the local construction worker who could be Hispanic or the local security guard at 7 eleven that could be Israeli. He needs each culture in ways he wouldn’t be able to handle , just as we need him to lead us in prosperity and safety.

  35. ismael ramos January 22, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Trumps election was a huge shock to america , i find it very ironic on how many “Mexican american citizens” say that Donald Trump isn’t their president although 50% of those who qoute that did not take acton upond there own hands. so why complain on the mistake we the people have made , it is take to put a stop to those who have taken advantage of us who’ve work hard to earn our keep. It is times like these where we all need to unite instead of working for the Man running our country and who is reasponsable for sepreating us from our families and cutting back funds on our education . It’s time for us to take back for what we worked so hard for , it is time to take back America.

  36. silvia aceves January 31, 2018 at 10:46 pm

    It has been one year into Donald Trump’s precedency, I have to pinch myself to make sense of it all. I am register to vote but I did not vote for Trump nor Hilary. I actually casted a protest vote for the 3rd party candidate. I was hoping that Bernie Sanders would be in the ballot as a runner up, but it was not the case. When I found out that trump had won the election, I was upset because a lot of people feared him. Before he won and after, I got some friends together and walk from Watts to MacArthur park, a total of 10 miles. The 10-mile march was to show our community solidarity and to resist regardless of him being our president, we were there for each other and we would get through this change. I have seen so many things happen like for example, the KKK rally in Anaheim. I was there when the KKK came to the streets of Anaheim CA to do a “peaceful rally”. All I say is that there was a lot of angry people and lots of blood spilled. I have seen so many things in this past year, and before he won the presidency. I have joined many groups in order to make change for my heritage and family. Donald Trump is a joke and all these racist people are coming to light. I feel that this man is all talk and his behavior is like a Child. It’s been a difficult year for my community and many others. I hate to see my family, friends, and acquaintances in fear, they don’t even want to walk out the door recuse they are afraid to get deported. I hate to hear my mom tell me that they raided the warehouse where she worked, all she said was, ” ese hombre es el mismisimo diablo” which means; that man is the devil, himself. Overall, he is our president and I wish and believe that he should be impeached due to many of his actions. One year has flew by, 3 more to go. Right? This is an awakening to encourage everyone to vote because their choices affect our communities, and our vote does matter. its time for us the people to take back our land were we have lived for many decades.


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